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Privacy Issues Lands Big Names In Front Of Government

For most of us, there are not too many issues when we’re dealing with our favorite mobile apps. We go to our best apps store and have a look at what’s offered and many even read the occasional apps review. It’s all simple stuff that’s designed to be fun. Now it seems there’s more to […]

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Merry Christmas: Mobile App Style

There’s lots of doom and gloom out there these days when you’re talking about the economy, but if you keep your ear tuned to the mobile apps world you’ll see there’s lots of action on that front. Sure there’s lots of extra stuff that you can get from the itunes store this time of year […]

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Fruit Ninja

You’ve got your deadly Katana in your hand. You’re primed and ready. Your fingers flex and you know that today you’ll be able to reach a whole new level of skill. Suddenly the gong sounds and you know that it’s time to slice – fruit? Yes, in the game Fruit Ninja you’ll spend lots of […]

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