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Tag: free apps

Super Bowl Apps Review Article

It’s great when you think about how going to the apps store can get you whatever you need when you need it. There’s literally too many free apps and those in the iTunes store to choose from, so it should be no surprise this article starts off with a few for the upcoming Super Bowl. […]

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New on the android apps review circuit

There’s lots of people who see the fun side of the apps market and when they hear there’s a new android apps review on the way, they’re the first to see what kind of fun they can have with what’s offered in games. Then there’s the more serious side and people who look at the […]

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Kenya New Mobile App Powerhouse

Everything to do with the Internet is mobile and that includes the mobile apps landscape. There are so many different products to choose from when it comes to the right apps store, it shouldn’t be a surprise that free apps as well as those you need to pay for are cropping internationally. Kenya is the […]

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Ho Ho Holiday Apps

There are some new Holiday apps on the market that are sure to get you in the mood of the festive season. They come from the people that you’d expect like Apple and Android and they’re all about making your smartphone as festive as your mood as Christmas and Hanukkah approaches. If you expected nothing […]

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Mobile App Useage Exploding in the USA

If these are bad economic times and people need to tighten their belts just to get through, mobile app fans aren’t listening. A new survey has pointed out the fact that on average  20 million US residents access mobile applications between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. at their favorite app store. These […]

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Banks Get Involved With Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are big business so it’s no surprise that big business is getting involved with mobile apps. Sun Trust bank has been watching the success of places like the itunes store and wanting to capitalize on the free apps and others available, they have become one of the big banks developing these applications for […]

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Monster Free APPs

There is no price better than free. How often do you go to the store and find something available for free? Almost never! The internet, however, allows us to enjoy a lot of things for free, from software to ordering samples of products. Head to the App store and you’ll see that there are always […]

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