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Mobile Apps violating children’s rights?

Here’s one for the ‘saw this coming’ file. It seems that one government survey up in Canada is concerned that mobile apps are actually violating children’s rights by not disclosing how they use personal data collected. “Parents generally cannot determine, before downloading an app, whether the app poses risks related to the collection, use, and […]

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Super Bowl Apps Review Article

It’s great when you think about how going to the apps store can get you whatever you need when you need it. There’s literally too many free apps and those in the iTunes store to choose from, so it should be no surprise this article starts off with a few for the upcoming Super Bowl. […]

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Ho Ho Holiday Apps

There are some new Holiday apps on the market that are sure to get you in the mood of the festive season. They come from the people that you’d expect like Apple and Android and they’re all about making your smartphone as festive as your mood as Christmas and Hanukkah approaches. If you expected nothing […]

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Emerging Markets See Surge In Mobile Apps

It’s no big surprise to people watching the app store numbers and all the latest innovations in the field of mobile apps when new reports are saying the industry is growing in leaps and bounds in emerging economies. From January to Oct of this year alone, China has seen a growth of 870% in the […]

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Back To School Apps And Other News

It’s almost that time again where students will be heading off back to school with their new clothes, pens, notebooks and…mobile apps. Another sign of the changing times is the deluge of new mobile apps designed for students. Everyone knows some of the best ideas that come to you for term papers and essays and […]

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Half a Million APPs Approved by Apple and Rising!

Tuesday was a big day for Apple and they need all the good news they can get considering Google’s Androids are breathing down their necks at every market turn. The ‘for now’ leader in the smartphone world hit a milestone Tuesday with 500,000 Apps approved in their App Store. This information comes from several sources […]

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