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Whale Alert app takes aim to save these friendly giants from ships

When people don’t know ask ‘what are apps?’ the latest answer is a way to save the North Atlantic right whale from being hit by ships. That’s right, there’s a new app out that will help mariners avoid these large animals as they feed on plankton near the surface of shipping lanes. This app that […]

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Privacy Issues Lands Big Names In Front Of Government

For most of us, there are not too many issues when we’re dealing with our favorite mobile apps. We go to our best apps store and have a look at what’s offered and many even read the occasional apps review. It’s all simple stuff that’s designed to be fun. Now it seems there’s more to […]

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Mobile Apps violating children’s rights?

Here’s one for the ‘saw this coming’ file. It seems that one government survey up in Canada is concerned that mobile apps are actually violating children’s rights by not disclosing how they use personal data collected. “Parents generally cannot determine, before downloading an app, whether the app poses risks related to the collection, use, and […]

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Super Bowl Goes Mobile

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later and those of you that have been buying from your favorite apps store won’t be surprised to find out that North America’s biggest sporting event is going mobile. As well as the first online stream in the history of the NFL, the Super Bowl has […]

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Super Bowl Apps Review Article

It’s great when you think about how going to the apps store can get you whatever you need when you need it. There’s literally too many free apps and those in the iTunes store to choose from, so it should be no surprise this article starts off with a few for the upcoming Super Bowl. […]

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Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Duba To Feature Mobile Apps.

Think that the only place for you to get the latest mobile apps is from the iTunes store? Think you need to read a current app review tho know where the latest innovations are coming from? Think again. The world of the mobile app has spread to many different cultures and our Arab cousins are […]

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New on the android apps review circuit

There’s lots of people who see the fun side of the apps market and when they hear there’s a new android apps review on the way, they’re the first to see what kind of fun they can have with what’s offered in games. Then there’s the more serious side and people who look at the […]

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Some excellent mobile apps from the iTunes store

There’s always some new mobile applications coming out and it’s hard if not downright impossible to keep up with all the latest even if you’re checking all the apps review websites. You need to narrow things down once in a while and that’s why this article will focus on a few of the apps that […]

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Mobile Apps To Turbo Charge World Economy

For those of you who were waiting to hear some good news shine through all the bleak reports on the world economy, you won’t be surprise to find out the industry experts are saying that mobile apps will grease the world’s gears in the New Year. Forrester analysts are saying there will be a 6.9 […]

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Newspaper are still fighting back with mobile apps

Here’s some interesting information for those of you that thought the era of the newspaper ended with the computer. It appears that soon now you’ll be able to find major updates in your favorite apps store that will  hook you up with some of the bigger Canadian newspapers. Postmedia Network announced today they will be […]

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