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APP News » Half a Million APPs Approved by Apple and Rising!

Half a Million APPs Approved by Apple and Rising!

Tuesday was a big day for Apple and they need all the good news they can get considering Google’s Androids are breathing down their necks at every market turn. The ‘for now’ leader in the smartphone world hit a milestone Tuesday with 500,000 Apps approved in their App Store.

This information comes from several sources including publisher Chillingo and 148Apps, an app review site. While games and books make up the largest percentage of the new offerings, experts are cautioning that although there were half a million apps available in the entire store as of Tuesday, only about 400,00 are currently live in the United States of America.  If you really want to get the full picture, looking at some of the numbers will help. The average price for one of these apps is $3.64 and the total price tag would be $891,982.92. Want them all on one phone? That can’t be done but if you’ve got the money for 240 32GB iPhones, you’ll have every app that Apple currently offers.

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