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APP News » Study: Android popular in the South, iPhones in the North

Study: Android popular in the South, iPhones in the North

A new study is pointing to the fact your preference for the smartphone you use is being measured by how far north or south you live in the United States. Research from the mobile advertising firm Jumptap draws the lines with Northern states leaning toward the Apple iPhone while southern states favor clicking on ads from Google’s Androids. The research measured which ads for what products were clicked on.

It’s the latest salvo in the war between Apple, currently leading the pack as the world’s most popular manufacturer of smartphones, and Google’s Androids which remain the leading platform in the country at least partially due to the choices they provide.

The research also shows that ownership preference in the smartphone world isn’t restricted to geography either. A recent study by another organization, PEW, shows the iPhone and the BlackBerry are the choice of older and wealthier people in the United States while younger folk and African Americans prefer the versions from Google.

There are some exceptions to the findings but, overall, Apple wins in the Midwest and Northeast, while Google takes hold in the South.

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