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APP News » Whale Alert app takes aim to save these friendly giants from ships

Whale Alert app takes aim to save these friendly giants from ships

When people don’t know ask ‘what are apps?’ the latest answer is a way to save the North Atlantic right whale from being hit by ships. That’s right, there’s a new app out that will help mariners avoid these large animals as they feed on plankton near the surface of shipping lanes. This app that is designed to work with the GPS feature on iPads or iPhones is available at the itunes store and can be used to help prevent the collisions were ships hit these 55 foot giants as they feed on their migratory route from Florida to Maine.

What’s interesting here is that these giants were hunted near to extinction in the late 18th century and have struggled ever since. They feed on plankton near the surface of the water and can be oblivious to its surroundings while eating.

After a number of the whales were hit in the mid-2000s, there were speed limit restrictions and hefty fines placed on the ships to prevent the whale’s numbers from slipping away entirely.  Whale Alert, as the new app is called, is a step forward since the older methods of alerting ships to the whales involved outdated technologies like fax machines and were often not in time to save the animals.


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