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APP News » Several Things That Will Increase Your Apps Success and Get You Great App Review Points

Several Things That Will Increase Your Apps Success and Get You Great App Review Points

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know all about the success people are finding developing mobile apps. For some people, mobile apps are all about enjoying the latest on your smartphone, but for those of you who want to make money from this lucrative craze here’s a few tips to make your apps more profitable for you. Remember that as the business of making money on mobile apps continues to explode, so do the challenges in monetizing a successful app.

Here’s just a few things that you can do to find success at an app store

Mobile advertising is one of the ‘givens’ here but you need to find a good place to put the ad. Recent news supports the fact that you need to be careful where you place the ads to get the most clicks and as far as gamers are concerned, current advice from the experts says let them finish the level they’re playing on before you hit them with the ad and call to action.

There’s even advice that says the ad should take up the entire screen between levels so there can be nothing else to divert the player’s attention away. One of the other things that gets your ad noticed on a mobile device is geo targeting. While many people ignore many of the ads they see on a daily basis, they will pay attention to ads that have been targeted to their location as they seem more personal and are in fact more user friendly.

There are other pieces of advice here that are more self evident and one of them is all about the kind of media you use to get your point across.  Static media gets static results and what you really need to do to get the conversions that you need is look to other kinds of options like rich media ads and even video to give you the depth that makes the difference for the ads you’re placing regardless of where you’re putting them.


Remember that you need to incentivize users a swell to keep them clicking on the ads for the apps that are free and simply adding a sentence to that effect helps to inspire a loyalty between user and developer.



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